Climbing the “Duomo” in Florence, Italy

The famous dome in Florence, Italy at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Flower

This cathedral pierces the sky in central Florence. Finished around 1500, it was once the largest building in the world. We stood in awe during our early June visit staring at the Duomo, which is how people refer to the famous cathedral. Called the Duomo, you guessed it, because of the dome sitting atop the famous cathedral.

On a late afternoon, Jennifer rests against the bridge on the Arno River that flows through Florence and central Italy. Indeed, it was a hot afternoon in early June when , Jennifer, along with Steve Wegman (one of our travel mates for 24 days), climbed the 668 stairs to the top of the cupola. Ruth Wegman (our other travel partner) and I stayed street side and ate Florence’s famous gelato (Italian-style ice cream). You can see Jennifer’s trusty mobile phone in her right hand. 80 percent of the pictures I saw taken in 24 days in Europe were taken by cameras built into a mobile phone.
The cathedral at night.
Look clear at the top of the dome. That’s where you exit after the 668-stair climb.