“Good things can happen in mom’s flower shop”

Pat Follis (1933-2020) Here is my mom in the flower shop she owned for a few years when I was boy. The summer I was 8, mom was 29. That’s about when this picture was taken. Mom was 5-foot 8-inches, and this is how I remember her when I was boy. In 1960, Dad and […]

“Boys, would you please pay attention”

Way back in the day when I was 12, my brother Bob and I sat in church on Sunday morning next to each other and made paper airplanes with our church bulletins. Or kicked each other in the leg. Or played “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” And, of course, we tried to carry off our antics without […]

Some things we hear or say are not gossip — really

“The words of a gossip are like choice morsels. They go down to the inmost parts.” Proverbs 18:8 —– Having had the privilege of counseling or mentoring hundreds of pastors, I know what a sacred trust I have been given. A few weeks back a pastor I’ve met with many times surprised me when he […]

Driving west through the mountains is good for the soul

—– It happens every time I drive west in the summer, heading for the Rocky Mountains. Somewhere near the Iowa-Nebraska border, my mind shifts into neutral. It happened again 3 weeks ago. Late in the afternoon of the first day of our 16-day jaunt, my wife and I pulled into O’Neill, Nebraska, in northeastern Nebraska, […]