Back in the valley of the sun

Forty-three and a half years ago on a hot Phoenix afternoon, I guided my 1974 baby-blue Ford LTD north on the Black Canyon Freeway. Jennifer, my new bride, was snuggled up next to me on the bench seat. Three hours earlier on that July 8th, we had been married at Central Christian Church in Mesa, […]

Picked up for speeding on an Advent Sunday

When I talk with people who have not yet returned to church regularly after being gone during the COVID 19 pandemic, I think back to a specific December Sunday in 1975 when I was studying for the ministry. I was on the back end a late fall 3-month preaching stint in a white clapboard church […]

Who is going to get your heartfelt thanks this Thanksgiving?

In my 4th-grade year the week before Thanksgiving, my dad and mom announced to all 4 kids that come January dad’s company was transferring him to a new town. Dad said we all would move in early January. Mom was 3 weeks away from giving birth to baby number 5. Having lived all 10 years […]