Here’s a prayer I know I can pray

One summer when I was in college, I worked on a paint crew that included several guys who one day aspired to be pastors. During our lunch break, we often got into theological discussions. Two guys in particular did most of the talking. One of them always was right.  The other guy always disagreed with him. […]

Finding rhythms of quiet in my life

My friend Kelly Skinner runs the Soul Care Urban Retreat Center in Urbana. This is an interview Kelly did with me for her podcast “Everything is Spiritual.” We talked about soul care, the rhythms of quiet I strive for in my life and a number of other topics, mostly centered in how I approach my […]

When we have to take a stand

This is Russell Moore interviewing Rachel Denhollander about sexual abuse in the church. Denhollandar was sexually abused by Olympic gymnastic physician Larry Nassar, who now is serving the rest of his life behind bars for sexual assault of minors. This interview seems all the more pertinent now because until recently Russell Moore had served as […]