What in fact it truly means to love yourself … Bingo!

I really, really like how my friend John Doyel thinks about loving ourselves…


I think to love ourselves in a proper way it is done by looking at ourselves through God’s eyes.  It has nothing to do with the grades we got in school or the trophies sitting on the mantel.  It is not the result of our economic status or education.  Here is what it is …
It is seeing yourself as loved by God.
Embracing some of these ideas from Scripture …
·      I am chosen by God before the creation of the world simply because He loves me.
·      I am adopted by God into His family and a child of His forever.
·      God demonstrated His extreme and complete love for me through the death of Jesus.
·      Everything in Psalm 139.
o   He knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
o   He is with me everywhere I go.
o   I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
The proper attitude we should have for ourselves should never be based on our successes just as our anger towards ourselves should never be based on our failures.  The first leads to pride and the second leads to hate and anger.
We need to see ourselves as God see us.  People made in His image. Saved by His Son.  Indwelled by His Spirit and eternally his children …
Accept the reality that you are a child of God only by the Grace of God.  Then, give grace to yourselves and everyone else in your life.

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