Learning about Prayer … a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT … A Great Opportunity!

[I am offering my friends and fellow pastors a great opportunity on September 20-21 — a prayer seminar with Pastor John Piippo.  Below is the announcement that is going out this week to more than 100 pastors in East-central Illinois.  After I took John Piippo’s 40-hour class on prayer last year at Payne Theological Seminary, I felt compelled to ask John if he would come to Champaign-Urbana. My friends at Urbana Theological Seminary have agreed to join me in this event as a co-sponsor.  That week-long class was one of the most inspiring training events of my entire ministry career.  This definitely is a SAVE-THE-DATE event.]


Abiding With Christ with Pastor Dr. John Piippo…

Summer greetings from Don Follis (Pastor-to-Pastor Initiatives) and Joe Thomas (Urbana Theological Seminary):

Pastor-to-Pastor Initiatives & Urbana Theological Seminary is honored to team together to bring Pastor John Piippo to East-Central Illinois September 20-21.  The attached PDF explains the two-day Abiding in Christ seminar to be held at Stone Creek Church in Urbana.  Be sure and mark your calendars…  

Piippo has posted to his blog 3,500 times, mostly short, thoughtful exhortations about abiding in Christ.  

Here’s Piippo’s post for July 23, 2013:

Today I’m going to spend 4-6 hours alone with God. This has been my habit, on Tuesdays, for the past 36 years. I’ll be praying today.

This is a “work day” for me as a pastor and Jesus-follower. My true work is to meet with God and to be met by God. I need God. And if there is anyone who needs me, it can only be because of Christ in me.

What I need is the Living God, not some theological abstraction. I need God in my life relationally, not as some religious experience or thing. I need God as my Shepherd, not advice on self-shepherding or another book on prayer...   


Much more of Piippo’s thoughts about prayer & and abiding in Christ can be found at johnpiippo.com)

Please forward this exciting opportunity to your church leaders, small group leaders and ministry colleagues.


Don Follis (donfollis@gmail.com) and Joe Thomas (joethomas@urbanaseminary.org)

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