Now you know how to SERVE everyone you meet

 How to “SERVE every person you meet”, according to Peacemaker strategist Ken Sande:

Smile (At home, in the office, at the store; even on the phone, a smile changes the sound of your voice and sends a message of warmth and friendliness)
Explore and Empathize (Observe others, ask questions, and show interest and compassion)
Reconcile (Be a peacemaker, always ready to reconcile others to you, one another, and to God through the gospel of Christ)
Value (Express appreciation and admiration for what others do)
Encourage (Give courage and inspire, always leaving others with more “wind under their wings”)

How about Writing the SERVE principle on a card or Smartphone reminder, and pray that God will inspire and empower you to practice it in every encounter of your day.

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