Questions Malaysian pastors ask…

Freelance author Philip Yancey, one of my long-time favorite writers,  is just finishing up a trip to the far east, including Malaysia, where he spoke at a pastor’s conference.  Below are some of the questions he fielded from Malaysian pastors.  Sounds like questions that could have come from a pastor’s conference here in America, too.

  • If you have to live life all over again, would there be any event in your life you would do differently?
  • Have you ever personally encountered a demon-possessed person?
  • What kind of shampoo do you use?
  • If it pleases you, please indulge and elaborate your understanding on the grace of God upon homosexuals.  I don’t judge them but is it wrong or do I lack grace for them when I reject and disagree with gay marriages/gay priests?
  • In the OT, why does God ask David/Joshua to kill enemies and not spare them, both adults and children?
  • Was there a time when you experienced doubts about God that caused you to fall in your spiritual walk?  If so, please describe and how did you overcome the doubts and come out stronger?
  • In Prayer you commented that prayers for such things as provision of parking places are frivolous.  Can you elaborate, in particular whether Christians should pray to God for provision of parking places.
  • Kindly suggest some practical messages on how to put down racism in churches in Malaysia.

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