Visiting Mazatlan, Mexico (a few more pics!)

The front of Kyle and Ellen Benefield’s house

Here are a couple more pictures from my trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, in Mid-January, where I visited Kyle, Ellen, Ethan and August Benefield.  Benefields have lived in Mazatlan five-and-a-half years … This was my 6th trip to Mazatlan.

Looking from the Benefield driveway to the bus stop about a half-block away.
Ethan, 4, and August, 2, eating their breakfast on their Christmas plates.  These two guys are excellent for my mental health.  They kept me smiling for days.
Here is Kyle leading worship.  He’s a terrific worship leader with a nice voice! 
August is the drummer for the church band, at least prior to the beginning of the service.
Mazatlan has beautiful beaches! … visited by a beautiful family.

Kyle and Ellen. (Baby Liam is coming.  Won’t be long!)

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