Thinking about changing something?

Dave Jacobs ( coaches pastors. The man knows how to ask great questions, regardless of what you do.  Like these 10 to ask yourself before implementing change:

  1. What problem am I hoping this change will address?
  2. Am I sure that the above problem is the real problem and not merely a symptom of the real problem?
  3. Why do I think this approach will address this problem?
  4. Are there any ways in which this action might be misinterpreted by others?
  5. Have I ever tried this before (the proposed action, change, etc.) …what were the results?
  6. Do I know anybody who has done this before who can share with me their experience?
  7. Am I doing this out of my own irritation?
  8. Is anyone other than me seeing what I see, i.e. the problem.?
  9. Is there anybody who I should run this by before taking the next step?
  10. What has worked in the past to achieve this end other than what I’m planning? Is there any other way to hit this target or achieve my desired result?

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