Be careful about putting your leaders on a high pedestal

Working with pastors and leaders, I see things.  Do I ever.  Such as:

* People being jealous of them.  Sometimes they are.  Well, don’t be.  I got stories.  Let me tell you.

* People thinking they don’t blow it.  Have you ever met a human who didn’t blow it?  Come one.  Everybody blows it.  In case you forgot in the last five minutes, we have humans — Spirit-filled humans, thank goodness — leading this thing called God’s Church. 

* People giving them the place of God in their lives. Some pastors may think they are God.  Aaah, now think about that for about two seconds.   Moving on…

* People abandoning them when they fall/fail.  That’s what happens if you’ve put them high up on the mantle.  They blow it and you get your nose out of joint. So don’t do that and you won’t feel like you have jump ship when their humanity shows through.

* People holding them to higher standards than themselves.  Don’t do that either.  They put their pants on this morning one leg at a time and then couldn’t find their belt.  (And no, I am not opposed to high standards.)

* People thinking their marriages never have problems.  Let me put it this way.  If you knew the number of pastors who stood up to preach who are at odds with their spouse, you’d spend the rest of the day weeping, and praying, I hope.

* People wondering why they aren’t their best friend.  Frankly, they say you can really only be close to 3 or 4 people at one time.  I mean “really” close.  Think about your life, your close friends.  See what I mean?  Now back off thinking you have to be the pastor’s or leader’s bosom buddy.  Intimacy is not something you can program anyway.  At least I’ve never seen it programmed yet.

* People having unreasonable expectations on their availability.  Hmmm.  Are they supposed be available 24/7/365?

* People judging their kids.  You want them judging your kids?  Then stop judging theirs.

* People forgetting they have feelings and can be hurt.  Yes, I know what they say.  “Oh everything is just fine.  Couldn’t be better.”  You’d probably protect yourself if you were in their shoes, too.  No, they feel positive and painful emotions just the same as you.  … Imagine that?

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