We all need an advocate

So I was with my mom at her doctor’s appointment today. We had to get her records transferred from Kansas to Illinois. We got sent from one physician to another. It was a hassle but reasonable. Basically, my mom needed another pair of eyes and ears, and she needed someone to speak up and ask the questions she forgot. When you get on unfamiliar turf, it’s so easy to freeze like a deer in headlights.

While were were waiting to see her doc, another couple came in. It appeared to be a husband and wife about 60 years old. The wife was tentative, very tentative. The man said, “I am very happy to go in with you but I will not keep my mouth shut. I will say what think. I see you every day. I can’t not say something. So what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to go in with me,” she said.
We all need an advocate, someone to come alongside us and lobby for us. No one is an island, even though it sure looks like there are a lot of islands, doesn’t it? How many confused people did I see just in the clinic today?

We gotta lobby for each other. We are a community, not a group of individuals who have to go it alone. Who does God want me or you to lobby for today?

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