Top 10 leadership lessons learned in a 50-year career

Pastor, writer, leader Chuck Swindoll received a life-time achievement award at the Catalyst ’09 conference last week. Here are Swindoll’s “top 10” leadership lessons learned over his 50-year career …

1. It’s lonely to lead. The tougher the decision the lonelier it gets.

2. It’s dangerous to succeed. God sometimes uses young guys right out of the shoot, but he often gravitates to leaders who are tested and who have blown it many times.

3. It’s hardest at home. Your family knows you. Last week at Anderson University my beautiful daughter said, “Dad, why are you wearing that shirt?”

4. It’s essential to be real. People spot a fake a mile away.

5. It’s painful to obey. Don’t be surprised if the Lord directs you to do things you have no desire to do.

6. Brokenness and failure are necessary. Always…

7. Attitude is more important than action. A good attitude will overshadow good action.

8. Integrity eclipses images. What you do behind the scenes is vital.

9. God’s way is better than your way.

10.Christ likeness begins and ends with humility.

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