My dear Wormwood…

Screwtape letters  Last weekend Jennifer and I drove with good friends Mike and Gwynne McQueen  to the Mercury Theatre near Wrigley Field in Chicago.  We went to watch the screenplay of C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters."

Here are Gwynne and Jennifer pictured after the play.

For 90 minutes Uncle Screwtape mesmerized the crowd as he and his "secretary" Toadpipe prepared letters to send to Screwtape's nephew Wormword.  Screwtape had a booming voice. 

One of my favorite vignette's was Screwtape instructing Wormword to get the Christians to argue incessantly about the unimportant. 

Pretty soon, he said, they will completely loose heart and won't care about anything of eternal significance.  So you must above all else, Screwtape pled, keep them arguing and fighting about drivel, about the stuff that has no meaning or value.

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