Serenity Prayer … Is there any other way?

Parents This is my dad and mom standing outside the Hospital in Hays, Kansas on Thursday.  Dad told his oncologist [She's a 39-year-old woman with short red hair…  Dad calls her "a young girl."] that he's been in the workforce for 62 years and has no intentions of quitting quite yet. 

"Maybe in March," he said smiling.

My mom, married to dad for 57 years, says, "Well DA [dad's nickname], you have to quit some time."

"Oh, I know.  Don't worry about it.  For now all we can do is make the best of today.  Nothing else we can do.  I will make the changes that I need to make and I will let tomorrow worry about tomorrow."  Then Dad looked at his oncologist and he looked at mom.  He shrugged his shoulders, turned both palms upward and made a little smirk with his lips.  Interpretation:  No more more discussion.  Whatever will be will be.

And I thought, "Well dad, that's the Serenity prayer said perfectly."  Dad looked at me and asked, "Got any questions?"


[Dad's house and his books are in pristine condition.  Every "I" is dotted; every "T" crossed.  Not a lot of reason to worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow will bring its own load of baggage.]


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