In the World but not of the world

Leaven The Irish Jesuits sacred space devotional site always makes me think deeply about my faith.  Here’s a paragraph from the Jesuits pondering how the church infiltrates the world in which we live…

When Jesus speaks about care for ‘the little ones’, he includes in their number his own followers. In many parts of the world the church is indeed a little presence, inconspicuous and barely noticed. Jesus does not want his missionaries, including the bishops and Pope, to be overly concerned at being treated with honour and respect. They are, and must see themselves, as ‘little ones’. Do I have misgivings about this? Do I feel the church should aim to be a strong presence and a power-broker, able to have its way in public matters? How does that square with Jesus’ words about our being a leaven in the world, germinating quietly while remaining true to our own flavour, like salt that keeps its savour? This is not a simple matter. We want to profess the Lord before people, and make our voice heard. But when we strive for a public voice the way advertisers do, we risk compromising the word, and adapting to other values than Christ’s. Guide me, Lord, in this difficult balance between being the light of the world and the unseen leaven.

Indeed, as they say, this is not a simple matter. 

One thought on “In the World but not of the world

  1. You are the first person I've found that knows about the Sacred Space website. Isn't it just the best? I go there first thing every morning for the prayer of the day and it always puts things in the proper perspective for me.This is my first time viewing your blog but I rather like it. Hope it's okay that a woman peeks around!


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