In case of emergency

Chiropractor So I’m driving along I-10 here in Phoenix and I’m passed by a white vine.  Printed in bright red letters I saw these words:  Emergency Chiropractor … at your work or at your home.   Call anytime: xxx-xxxx

Since my back was hurting from the long plane ride and I was lost in my rental car and stressed from trying to find where my son lives, I honked my horn and pulled the guy over driving the Emergency Chiropractor van.  He gave me a neck adjustment right there along the emergency pull out lane on I-10.  (That’s me off the ground in the picture on the left getting the adjustment.) It was just what the doctor ordered and I was then able to drive straight to where my son lives.

Okay, Friends, obviously I am kidding….

No, I did not flag down the Emergency Chiropractor van.  When I did finally connect with my son, though, he told me there are in fact several Emergency Chiropractor vans tooling around Phoenix.  Who would have thunk it?  Now why in the world in Phoenix, the place people come from all over the United States to to get their stressed relieved, needs emergency chiropractor vans is beyond me.  I’ll save that topic for another post.  🙂

In truth, there are so many chiropractors, massage therapists  and counselors down here in Phoenix — based on the signage I see — it would boggle your mind.  I know.  They probably moved here for the weather and are all as poor as church mice.   You know, I somehow doubt that.

Friends,  this may be the only place in the U.S. where you can get a massage while having your quiet time.  Yes indeed, I saw a spa advertising services for born-again Christians.

If your massage and Bible reading together doesn’t work, you merely go to your counselor and say, "This getting a massage while reading the Bible is not just connecting me with my inner child in the way I thought it would."

Ah, Phoenix, the valley of the sun.  The only place in the country with beautiful palm trees, massage therapists on every corner, counselors waiting for you pool side and Prozac in the city water supply.  Gotta love it…

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