The true image of who we are

Interesting words on how we view our image from Christian leadership guru John Maxwell from his recent Leadership Wired newsletter (Vol. 8, #11)…Leadership

"A key to effectiveness—in life and as a leader—is to project a true image of who you are. The only problem is that we all carry with us four images of ourselves that can cause us to act differently with different people. These four images are:

1. The image that others have of us. This is how the people around us—the ones who observe us at our best and our worst—see us.

2. The image that we project to others. This is how we want others to view us.

3. The image we have of ourselves. This is how we actually view ourselves. Many times, this image does not match what we project to others.

4. Our true self. This includes our character and gifts; it represents who we were created to be."

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