When we have to take a stand

This is Russell Moore interviewing Rachel Denhollander about sexual abuse in the church. Denhollandar was sexually abused by Olympic gymnastic physician Larry Nassar, who now is serving the rest of his life behind bars for sexual assault of minors.

This interview seems all the more pertinent now because until recently Russell Moore had served as the Southern Baptist Convention’s chief ethicist. Recently he has moved on from the nation’s largest Protestant denomination personally, and is attending a Tennessee church that is not affiliated with the SBC.

An equally enormous hit with the Southern Baptist Convention is Beth Moore, not related to Russell Moore, deciding earlier this Spring to leave the Southern Baptist Convention. (While Southern Baptists largely voted for Donald Trump, both Moores were outspoken in their strong disagreements and disgust when Trump was President.)

Booth Moores wield huge sway with Southern Baptists. Among other issues, Russell Moore and Beth Moore both have been very outspoken for the urgent need for Southern Baptists to address matters of sexual abuse, which has long been covered up in too many Southern Baptist churches.

Rachel Denhollander is an attorney, a wife and a mother of 4 children. Her book is called What’s a girl worth?

In this interview with Russell Moore, Rachel Denhollander explains with great precision how the church must have the courage to face sexual abuse head on. Denhollander is incredibly well-spoken, and utterly convincing as she states her case.

If sexual abuse, especially in the church, is something that you have concerns or questions about, this interview is a must see.