Lots of us feel like a “Misfit”, especially during the holidays!

Knowing how often I have felt like a misfit, especially during the Christmas holidays, I am happy to recommend Brant Hansen’s new book Blessed are the Misfits.

Now a popular radio host and living in Harrisburg, PA, Hansen is an introvert who grew up as a preacher’s kid here in the Midwest.  He is a University of Illinois graduate and early in his career worked locally for both WDWS 1400AM and WBGL 91.7FM. You can learn more about Hansen and how he now spends his time at his website.

Hansen’s dad went from church to church when Hansen was a boy, frequently moving his family from one small town to the next in Indiana and Illinois, as he tried to find himself.

Hansen expands that story in his new book, centering his thoughts on how, as an introverted, awkward son, he frequently felt like the odd person out. Brant looks back on those days 30 years ago, and writes about what it felt like then, what it feels like now that he is a married father with two adult children and how he tries to make sense of it in his relationship with God.

Hansen is frank, transparent and funny.  Like all families, the family Brant Hansen was raised in definitely did it’s part to put the fun in dysfunction. They may have done more than was required.  You’ll see. Sadly, some of what happened is not pretty.  Brant tells about that, too, but does his best to show the redemptive side, too.

I’ve known Hansen for 20+ years.  He’s smart, funny, quirky and in this new book he’s quite insightful about helping people of faith understand where they fit in when much of the time they feel like a total misfit, even wondering if they are a Christian at all.

Take a Look at the book on Amazon. It just became available a couple of weeks ago. Be sure and check out the chapter descriptions (they are funny and will tell you a lot about the book) and read some of the reviews — already more than 70 great reviews already!

The book would be a great Christmas gift!

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