Lenten Readings — Holding in tension the Word of the Lord & the news of the day!

This always is one of the central messages of Lent is this:  

 No pretending; no denial …

Thus, this morning I did what I have done hundreds of times.  I followed the advice of one of my heroes in the faith John Stott.  I first read my Lenten readings from the Bible.  I reflected on them for a long while and prayed.  I made some notes in my journal.

Then I read the morning news.

And I held in tension, as I often do, the promises of God’s Word and the news of the day, which often is not very good.

Try it …   

* First read Hebrews 2:10-18 (one of the Lenten readings for today from the Lectionary I am using).  Read it slowly.  Ponder it for a few seconds.  Ask yourself, “What might God be saying to me from this passage?”

* Then take a look at the news of the day, particularly this story from the front page of today’s (3/10/2014) New York Times.  You won’t really have to even read the whole story.  Just look at the picture and read the first two paragraphs.  You’ll quickly get the idea. 

* Where will that leave you?  Well, holding Hebrews 2:10-18 in one hand and the news of the day in the other.  I can imagine it will make you feel the way it makes me feel — like there is a very tight rope in my brain.  And on top of that tight rope I am precariously standing, feeling quite vulnerable.

From atop that rope in my brain this morning I said to the Lord:

From dust I came and to dust I shall return... (Genesis 3:19)


Unless the Lord builds the house, it will not be built. (Psalm 127)

Then for several minutes I sat in my desk chair, silently pondering the tension I felt, listening to my breathing, my inhaling and my exhaling.  Before I finally arose to go fix breakfast I said, “This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

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