We need to relinquish entitlement for the sake of the Kingdom…

Think about the last few days when a spirit of entitlement rose up in you.  What was it you really thought you deserved?

Conflict resolution master Ken Sande puts it this way:  There are many conflicts that require a lot of time and effort to resolve. But there are far more that can be resolved simply by overlooking minor offenses or relinquishing rights for the sake of God’s kingdom. Therefore, before focusing on your rights, take a careful look at your responsibilities. Before you go to remove the speck from your brother’s eye, ask yourself, “Is this really worth fighting over?”

One of the biggest threats in our personal relationships, definitely our relationships within the church, is the spirit of entitlement.  If you set aside the pernicious spirit of entitlement and before you start focusing on your all rights, think about this:

Take a look at your responsibilities and put your heart to the task of working responsibly for the sake of the Kingdom.  I guarantee you that you’ll see the water level of grace rise in your church.

Entitlement is an enemy of God’s grace.  It’s winning in our lives and in our churches way too much.

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