Every day with the Lord is a new day!

So you set out 2014 with great ambition.  You laid out your plan.  The first days you’ve done so

well, especially with your daily devotions.  Life makes sense.  Life is full of joy and energy.  Yes!

Well congratulations!

But wait.  Yesterday someone said to me, “I’ve already made some stupid choices.  For one, I missed my devotions yesterday and a couple of days before that because the first few days of 2014 were so good as I read the Bible and prayed.  I even wrote in my journal.”  
Am I surprised?   
You cannot expect the momentum of yesterday to carry you through today or tomorrow.  This is the day the Lord has made.  Each day is new.  And yes, each day has enough trouble of its own.

Writer Jessica Harris says like this: “Imagine you are in a hot air balloon.  A hot air balloon stays in the air because the air inside the balloon is hotter than the air outside (warm air rises).  How does that air stay hot?  Well, the pilot of the hot air balloon keeps heating it up.What would happen if that pilot left his post and decided to start peering over the edge?  Gradually, that balloon will begin to sink. Then, he’ll have to run back and open the heat full throttle to raise the balloon back up! That’s how it is with us.  We hit these spiritual high points and we just love the view and life is doing great! We forget that staying there requires maintenance.  We slack off just a little, and then suddenly, we find ourselves sinking.  Then we panic, and go all out again. Up. Down. Up. Down.
Here’s what we know, friends.  Without daily maintenance our spiritual life will be just like that hot air balloon whose pilot is taking a break to peer over the edge.  
All together now: “There is no such thing as spiritual momentum.”

Each day we have to show up.  Here’s a little exercise I often find helpful in doing just that.  … Sitting in a chair, put your hands out in front of you.  Now turn your palms downward, letting go of all the junk already in your life in 2014. Let it go, exhaling the air in your lungs as you give your baggage to God and ask him to burn it away. (You don’t have any junk yet?  Wow.  Good for you.  Try this anyway!)

Now take a big breath and turn your palms upward.  Quiet your heart for a few seconds. Now, with both hands facing upward, inhale a lung full of air and say to God, “Father, what are you and I going to do today?  I am ready.”

Again writer Jessica Harris: “Roller coasters run on momentum.  Without daily maintenance, that is exactly what your spiritual life will feel like.”

Remember,dear friends: … it’s left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot …  living one day at a time … enjoying one moment at a time! … showing up each day to read the Word and saying to your Creator, “Master, what are you and I going to do today?”


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