Why so few pastors pray

My friend Pastor John Piippo blogs today saying,

I estimate that 80% of North American pastors and Christian leaders do not have a significant prayer life. By this I mean that they do not take time to actually pray. By “taking time” I mean more than saying a blessing over dinner, or multi-task “praying.” By “significant” I mean an average of 1-2 hours a day.

My estimate comes from teaching and coaching 2000 pastors and leaders over the past 35 years.

The statistics flip for pastors and leaders who are from Third World contexts. 80% of them have a significant prayer life. When they attend my prayer and spiritual formation seminary classes they already have quantitative prayer life in place. They pray… a lot. The European and North American clergy, on the other hand, find themselves “too busy to pray.” They find it very hard to “fit in” times of actual praying. Why is this so?

Piippo is a prolific blogger, writing a great deal about prayer.  Here’s the rest of his post …indicating why he thinks so few pastors actually pray.

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