One week to live


So, Jesus, (age 33) how do you plan to spend your final week on the earth?  


Well, what would you do if it were the final week or month of your life?

* Spend it with your family and friends?
* Fly to the far away country you’ve always wanted to visit?
* Drive a race car?
* Go to Disney World in Orlando?
* Eat your favorite foods?
* Ask for forgiveness from all those you’ve hurt?

Pastor Eugene Cho, a favorite pastor of mine from out in Seattle, says this about Jesus’ final week …

What did Jesus do during his final week – before he was betrayed by someone in his inner circle and later crucified? Besides have a “last supper” with his closest friends, he didn’t quite have a typical bucket list like us:

  • Jesus chose to “splurge” on a borrowed donkey (aka ass) and a colt to enter into Jerusalem. Maximum speed: 2 MPH. Maybe.
  • Jesus turns tables, lashes his whip, and cleanses out the Temple. So much for avoiding conflict.
  • Jesus chooses to wash the feet of his own disciples. And remember that a) feet were extremely dirty, and b) foot washing was the duty of the lowliest of slaves.
  • Jesus prays in agony at the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • Jesus is crucified and murdered.

Jesus was human but he was also fully God and in his fully divinity, he chose to assume flesh and bone. He came and dwelt among us. He lived. He showed us the way. He loved. He healed. He taught. He forgave. He rebuked. He loved. And Jesus went to the Cross and died for the sins of the world.

Why do I love and follow Jesus?

Because Jesus was full of courage, passion, and love. Because a perfect  Jesus died for an utterly imperfect humanity.Because Jesus died…and rose again.

Thanks be to God!

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