Intentionality when trying to hear God’s voice…

     Recently the brilliant, insightful Greg Boyd did four short video blogs (about 5 min. each) on discovering and hearing God’s voice.  I thought all four were outstanding.  I found myself responding to each one, “Absolutely right.”

     I really like how Boyd says in the first installment that our true character, namely our intentions toward what we feel God is saying is as, or more important, than the outcome.  Thus, God knows our heart.  He knows our intentions.  He loves us.  Knowing that is crucial, no matter the outcome.

     Boyd, as always, is kind, quirky, funny, humble and extremely thoughtful.  The link below takes you to part 4, but the other links are there, too.  In the first of the four Boyd sets the groundwork.  All four are A+ and very short.  ðŸ™‚

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