Mexico Mercy with Kyle and Ellen Benefield

I am on my 6th trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, and my fourth trip to stay with Kyle and Ellen Benefield in the Dona Chonita neighborhood, where they are planting a Vineyard Church.  They call their ministry … Mexico Mercy.  
They have been in Mazatlan 5 1/2 years.  They interned at the Vineyard Church in Urbana, IL, where they were my interns.  I am enjoying renewing the friendship and playing with their boys Ethan (4) and August (2).  Their third boy will be born in a few weeks.  
The crowing roosters woke me up this morning.  Then Kyle and I took a long walk and discussed our love of Scripture.
Kyle on phone this afternoon, trying to find the bag that didn’t arrive with  me yesterday.  It has their  Christmas presents.

A view of the street from Kyle and Ellen’s driveway.
Ellen And August give their dog a bath.

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