Getting home quickly!

This week I am up in the woods of northern Wisconsin meeting with and coaching pastors.  Last night I stayed with a friend on his home that sits beside a frozen 40-acre lake.  My friend’s son and several of the neighbors went 3 miles into town to a hockey match last night. 

How did they get there?  How else?  On snowmobiles of course.  🙂

About 10:30 I was laying in bed and suddenly heard the sound of snowmobiles.  I got up and looked out the window onto the lake.  Off in the distance I could see the lights of the snowmobiles roaring at what must have been 60 or 70 MPH as they zoomed across the lake.  Next thing I knew they road them off the lake, up through the yard and right onto the driveway, where they parked them. 

“Do you think those guys were going 60MPH on the snowmobiles last night?” I asked my friend this morning. 

“Oh,” he said.  “Coming across that lake they were probably doing 80 or 90.  They top out at 110 or so.”

 … Holy Cow!

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