Keep at it

I have to invite God into my heart … day after day after day.  Every day I have to say, “Good morning Heavenly Father.  Good morning Lord Jesus.  Good morning Holy Spirit.  I worship you Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Father I want to please you today.  Jesus, today I pick up my cross and follow you.  Holy Spirit, cause the fruit of the Spirit to ripen in my life today.”

In a discussion with the religious leaders of his day, Jesus was clear that eating with unwashed hands … that is, following the strict rules of the Pharisaical law … does not defile us.  It’s what is in the heart that defiles us.

So what am I putting into my heart today?  What desires am I letting in?  And who am I letting in?

Selfish ambitions, thoughts of division, anger, hostility, quarelling, jealousy?


Love, joy, patience and the peace of Christ?

When do we quit having to choose?  When do the forces of light and darkness quit fighting each other, stomping out our good intentions?

You know the answer to that, don’t you?  When you take your last breath.

What kinds of things do you do during the day that help you choose well?

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