Resolutions for good mental health in 2010

Here are 10 resolutions for good mental health in 2010 … from a lecture given way back in 1976 by a Wheaton College English Literature professor named Clyde Kilby.

1.  Once a day I will look at the sky and remember that I am on a planet traveling in space with wonderfully mysterious things above and about me.
2. I will suppose the universe is guided by an intelligence.
3. I will not fall into the lie that this day, or any day, is merely another ambiguous and plodding 24 hours, but rather a unique event, filled with wonderful potential.
4.  I will prefer reality to abstractions.
5.  I will not demean my own uniqueness by envying others.  I will mostly forget about myself and do my work.
6.  I will open my eyes and ears by at least once a day simply staring at a tree, a flower, a cloud or a person.  I will simply be glad that they are what they are.
7.  I will often remember back to when I was a child and think about my dreaming eyes of wonder.
8.  I will frequently turn to things like a good book and good music.
9.  I will enjoy each moment, not always worrying about what the decade before me will demand from me.
10.I will bet my life on the assumption that this world is not idiotic but rather acknowlege that each day strokes are made on the cosmic canvas that in due course I will understand with joy as a stroke made by the architect who calls himself Alpha and Omega.

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