Christmas in Carillon Beach

A lovely little place to spend Christmas, if I do say so myself.  There are a few beach front lots left in the Carillon Beach community here.  You can see one open lot in the middle of the picture.  These small (50-60-feet wide), beach-front lots are about a million.  We are staying in a much smaller, one-story house … 86 yards from the beach … and, well, having fun relaxing — walking, reading, goofing off.  This is the off-season and just about 1 in 10 of these homes is occupied for Christmas.  The others, fully furnished, are just sitting here quietly. 

Last night we attended the Beach Vineyard candlelight service, where our friends Joe and Lois Cummings have served as pastors for 15 years.  Very delightful service of carols and a reading of the Christmas story.

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