There’s only one person who can help Tiger

After Tiger Woods had hit it big about a dozen years back, the first Nike ad emerged with young children saying, “I am Tiger Woods.”

I was talking with a pastor friend of mine about that time who told me about a young girl he knew that contracted a fatal disease and was dying.  The disease caused her face to contort and look awful.  My friend said, “I could barely look at her.”

He went to visit her a day before she died.  He was surprised to find that her mother had dressed her young daughter in a beautiful white dress.  When he stepped into the room, my friend said he saw the girl in a white dress and her mother caressing her cheek saying, “My beautiful, beautiful daughter.” The girl died a day later.

I distinctly remember thinking, “I am not Tiger Woods.  I am this young girl.”

All of us are broken and dying and yet so beautiful.  And Woods, the billionaire golfer, is no different.

My how the mighty have fallen.  But look at this picture for a few seconds.  It’s lovely, isn’t it?  All seems well, but not all is well.  Woods’ infidelity went on for years before finally imploding. Fallen human beings all have primal instincts, no matter how much they may mask them, and when you are a fallen self-centered person letting your feelings run your life, eventually your feelings ruin your life.

The danger of every crisis is that it will make us bitter not better. What choices will I make today?  What choices will Tiger make?

There is a baby very much like the one pictured here, a smoothe-skinned child in a manger that is beckoning Tiger— and what he is saying is, ‘turn around, and come home’. All can be forgiven, but repentance and a changed life is required.

My prayer is that Tiger learns “wise men still seek Him”, and for good reason.  He’s the only one who can really help now.

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