Show me your credentials!

One of my favorite guys is John Sanford, retired physics professor at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  Here’s his take on credentials needed during the Advent season …

For a very important job, we look for someone with experience and proven ability.  But the person chosen for the most important job in the history of the human race was very young, largely uneducated and had no experience with the task needed.  Evidently God wasn’t looking for credentials of theological education and/or work experience. He chose Mary because of her heart — she was a young woman of integrity, faith and courage. Joseph, probably also young, was a blue-collar worker (carpenter) with little formal education. But the Bible tells us that Joseph was “a just man” — a man of integrity and upright living.  God’s way of filling job positions is often totally opposite from ours!  Mary and Joseph trusted their inner knowledge and experience of God, and followed His leading to Bethlehem and beyond.  They acted with courage and faith, their only safety net being God’s love and mercy, a safety net that proved secure.

Coffee/tea thought: Am I, like Mary and Joseph, trusting God alone to be my rock, my salvation, my fortress whatever my outward circumstances may be right now? (cf. Psalm 62)

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