One of the Advent readings this morning is Colossians 1:13  … “For he has transferred us from the dominion [kingdom] of darkness and brought us into the king of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” New International Version

What do you think transferred means?  I think of it this way…

In John 14:30 Jesus says the ruler of this world no longer has now power over him.  There’s a double negative in the Greek language in this verse that literally has Jesus saying this world’s ruler does not have anything on him at all.  It’s legal language where Jesus tells his disciples, “I am not guilty.” 

Of what?  Of lovelessness, of rebellion, of sin.  Satan’s attack on Jesus is a non-claim, and he wants his disciples to know that.  There is no whiff of rebellion in Jesus.  He has no sin.  Therefore, he did not deserve the cross in any way.  But he went out of perfect obedience to his Father and his love for you and me.

Now to the Advent significance of Colossians 1:13.  What claim does Satan have on you or me?  When I gave my allegiance to Jesus there was a great exchange.  I was transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. 

The result?  Sin is no longer my master.  Sin is no longer an internal force controlling me or you.  Jesus [through his Holy Spirit] is the internal power [force] of my life.  Sin is real and awful, but it’s an external power trying to defeat me and you.

My power and your power to defeat sin comes from the Holy Spirit, who now lives in us.  We do not belong to the prince of this world.  We are in Jesus, and Jesus is in us.  As we ponder the coming of Christ as a baby, we must equally ponder continually letting Jesus into our hearts.  For as the apostle Paul has said so wonderfully … Jesus in us truly is the hope of glory.

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