Sharing Jesus

I am on the email prayer list of a church out west.  Turns out one of the gentle saints of the church has a husband who is not a follower of Jesus. 

But now he is about to have a very serious surgery and one of his children sent a message to the prayer chain saying that her dad has been given all kinds of Christian evangelistic literature while waiting for the surgery.  (I don’t know if he asked for it or if it was foisted upon him.) 

The daughter writes that the literature includes the four spiritual laws, the Roman Road, and the bridge diagram.  And, she continues, there are “lots of people praying for his salvation.”

The daughter then reports that her father, suffering with incredible back pain, said even if he did accept Jesus he didn’t know if he would be able to follow through with his decision.

I do like the “praying for his salvation” part.

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