Sinners are now Saints!

It’s absolutely true that in our weakness God’s power is revealed.  Sadly, the broken often feel they have nothing to offer.  The legalistic folks feel their perfection is what makes them valuable.  Both are wrong. 

We are most honest and effective as we minister out of our brokenness.  Others are healed through our vulnerability.  What a paradox that is.  Christ shines most brightly when we are honest and trasparent.  God’s power is made perfect in weakness not in perfection. 

We see the Kingdom come most clearly in our brokenness.  Try to get your head around that.

I read just today of a woman who finally found the courage to start telling her very broken story.  She always was so ashamed and thought that others would judge her, if she told the tale of her broken life.  But then she started telling her story.  Not one person shamed her.  Not one.  Instead, people flocked to her and began asking her for help.

Fortunately, God is in the business of changing names.  Saul to Paul, for one.  He changed mine from sinner to saint.  Hard to believe, indeed, but it’s true.  He took, and he takes, my (and your) broken life and mends it by his grace. 

I think that’s one of the reasons the Gospel is called Good News!

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