Jesus’ mission statement

Someone said to me, “You better have your own personal mission statement if you’re going to finish well.”  I think that’s a little goofey, but do I understand that it can help know where you’re going.

So I started imagining someone telling Jesus he should have a mission statement, which made me laugh.  I was reading the Beatitudes, when I suddenly thought, “That’s it.  That’s Jesus’ mission statement.” 

Jesus is my hero and I started thinking about taking the Beatitudes as a mission statement.  I wrote in my journal:  “I will do my best to be poor in spirit, meek, a peson who hungers for God’s way, merciful, pure in heart and a peacemaker”

Thinking of the beatitudes, I wrote: “Will I count others better than myself?”  “Will I assume it is not all about me?”  “Will I pursue God more than I pursue human relationships?”  “Will I give people the benefit of the doubt?”  “Will I ask God to search my heart?”

I know that God wants people that are transparent, open-handed and honest.  I’d say that adopting the Beautitudes as your mission statement is pretty good way to be that kind of person.

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