Life comes right at you…

Today I had lunch with Bill Jackson, a vineyard teacher and scholar visiting in ChampaignUrbana for a couple of weeks. Bill especially known for his 7-hour seminar on the story line of the Bible which he calls NothinsgonnaStopit.

Bill is a very pleasant guy … friendly, inquisitive and thoughtful. We mostly talked about how life seems to just come right at you… Boy does it ever.

Bill talked with me about getting a kidney transplant earlier this year, receiving a kidney from his wife. Before the transplant he’d been on dialysis for several months. What an ordeal that was. He’s got the scars to prove it, too.

When he returns to California in a couple of weeks, he’s going to get his right hip replaced. He’s in incredible pain and walks with crutches.

Furthermore, he has severe neuropathy in his feet and can’t wear shoes or socks. He wears sandals. The nerves that carry messages from the spinal cord to the extremities are deteriorating, and Bill has constant pain in his feet.

As we were talking about how he manages his pain, he looks at me and says, “Pain has taught me a lot in the last 2 years. I am more compassionate, more understanding and more loving to those who are in pain.”

And then he smiled and said he’s more in love with his wife than he’s ever been in his whole married life.

We hugged when we parted and agreed that those who endure to the end will be saved.

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