whew! I almost missed it

On Saturday morning, my faithful Blackberry reminded me that I had to perform a 3:00pm wedding. It was all good. I had told the bride and groom I would arrive about 2:30pm.
But Saturday was a day for running around doing errands.
The wedding was out in the country 12 minutes from my home. I got home around 2:15pm from running errands. But then I started talking to my mom, who recently moved in with us.
At 2:35pm I was on the verge of taking my mother to a nearby town to see a new house. But Jennifer quizzically asked , “Hey Don, what time is that wedding?”
“WEDDING! It’s right NOW,” I said. “Oh my gosh. Please help me get dressed. I am supposed to be there right now.”
In 2 minutes flat I threw off my shorts and t-shirt and got on my suit. Jennifer helped me slide on my white shirt and jacket. My adreniline was pumping. I think it was all she could do to keep from breaking into uproarious laughter.
I was out the door and drove, well, plenty fast. Okay, very fast!
I arrived at 2:50pm with about 8 minutes to spare. The groom’s mother said, “I wondered where you were.”
It was a very informal wedding. Thank goodness. No one else mentioned my late arrival or seemed to notice when I leisurely strolled into the backyard where the wedding was held.
Baby, I was sweating bullets as I drove and I do not plan to do that again in the near future. Geesh…

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