Lower your stress … be happy :)

The How of Happiness I just reread Sonja Lyobomirsky's book on happiness last week while waiting around in the court house to see if I would be selected for a jury.  I read it last August for the first time, and remembered again how much I really liked it.  I do not like cheesy self-help books.  This one is really different. 

You want a good summer read.  This is it.  She's a great writer.  In a nutshell, based on research with identical and fraternal twins, as well as 20 years of doing psychological studies with all kinds of people about their happiness, Lyubomirsky contents that 50 percent of a person's happiness is set from day one.  I think she's right.

An additional ten percent of a person's happiness … probably quite a bit less … is due to life's circumstances. 

But get this.  A full forty percent, maybe 45 percent, of a person's happiness is within each person's grasp.  40-45 percent.  That's a lot.  Incredible.

After explaining her theory, Lyubomirsky spends most of the book exploring 10 happiness activities that, depending on your personality and likes and dislikes, might be chosen to increase your happiness (read contentment).

You will like this book.  She's smart, funny, persuasive and, as I said, a really good writer.

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