Being set free for the journey along the narrow road…

Dark night St. John of the cross wrote that God sends us "the dark night of loving fire" to free us.  He believed these to be the 7 deadly spiritual imperfections of beginners that must be purified:

1.  Pride … we have a tendency to condemn others and become impatient with their faults.  We are selective in who can teach us.

2.  Avarice … We are discontent with the spirituality God gives us.  We never have enough learning, are always reading many books rather than growing in poverty of spirit and our interior life.

3.  Luxury … We take more pleasure in the spiritual blessings of God than God himself.

4.  Wrath .. We are easily irritated, lacking sweetness, and have little patience to wait on God.

5.  Spiritual gluttony .. We resist the cross and choose pleasures like children do.

6.  Spiritual envy … We feel unhappy when others do well spiritually.  We are always comparing.

7.  Sloth … We run from that which is hard.  Our aim is spiritual sweetness and good feelings.

But … If we can keep persevering patiently through all our suffering, God will invade our spirit with his mighty love and we will make it through our journey.  We must allow God to fill us with his Spirit daily, marking our character with the fruits of love and peace and joy.

One thought on “Being set free for the journey along the narrow road…

  1. So true Don, we all need to post this on the refrigerator or near our computer screen (in my case). In my case I might summarize this (since this is where I am) learning to die to ourselves so we can be raised anew in Jesus. It is a very tough road and so few of us Americans seen willing or able to follow it.Russ


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