Watching people eat … watching me eat

Eating well I am working at improving my eating… mostly no snacking, or at least bad snacking [cheese and crackers and little miniature Snickers] and no big desserts.  I love desserts … desserts with big portions.

The kind of work I am proposing for myself takes intentionality and practice.  I have to train my brain to adopt a behavior that only comes through practice.

I watched people eat in a fast-food place the other day.  It wasn't pretty.  Your body gets accustomed to the kind foods you eat. 

This may be pie in the sky (well, apple slices in the sky) but I have been wondering if I could start thinking of approaching the weight I weighed when I was 16 years old … 183 pounds [as reported in the football rooster of Colby High School, Colby, Kansas in August prior to my junior year in high school].  I was lean but not skinny by any means.

What do I weigh now?  195

And no, there is no magic to weighing less than I currently weigh.  I just want to be as healthy as possible and eat the right foods to get there.

So am I wondering how long you have to repeatedly practice new behaviors before they become your own?

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