The guys…

CECL guys These are the Vineyard pastors who came to the hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin, last week and loved on me when I got my special present … a heart stent.

They are part of a two-year course called The Center for Excellence in Christian Leadership (CECL).  It is sponsored by the American-Baptist sponsored Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

I was to be the peer coach but when they showed up, they said to not to worry about a thing.  What great guys. 

They prayed for me, and spoke words of knowledge over me and just lavished me with about 30 minutes of love.  Boy did I like that.  They guys that came up are Dan Freet, John Guist, Brian Brinkert, Dan Paxton, Dave Stark, Josh Nelson, Craig Brooks and Robert Stovall.  All Vineyard pastors.  All good at making a colleague feel cared for and loved!

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