Every one has a story… usually with accompanying drama

Nursing student This is nursing student Michelle, who has given my mom terrific care this week.  She's bathed her and washed her hair and given medications and been very tender and kind.  Whatever mom has wanted Michelle has granted … usually within seconds.

One of the prominent Sioux City high schools nearby is home of the Mustangs.

So I said to Michelle, "Were you a Mustang last year?

"Oh, you're nice.  How about 12 years ago," she said.  "I'm 30."

"You're 30" I said.  "Wow you look young."

"Well thank you.  I have a two-year-old. I'm a single parent.  I'm in nursing school and I work part-time in a restaurant. And I got here at 6:30 this morning."

"My goodness, you have nothing going on, do you?" I asked.

"Nope," Michelle said.  "I'm engaged too, but my fiance has cancer so that's all on hold for while."


"Lots of wows in my life," she said.

"I wish you well.  Thanks for showing my mom lots of attention."

"You're welcome.  I like caring for people.  Well, gotta go give another patient a bath.  See you later."

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