How do people judge you?

Beneath the surface One of my favorite bloggers Seth Godin gets it in his words below on how those around us can read us.  They know there's a lot lying beneath our cute little iceberg.

Reminds me of James chapter 3 when James writes that not many should aspire to be teachers because they will be judge more severely.  And, 90 percent of the time, that judgment comes from the actions our students, our parishioners, our clients, our followers, and our patients see during the week and not from what is said from the pulpit, lectern, business deal or awards ceremony.

We no longer care what you say. We care a great deal about what you do.

If you charge for hand raking but use a leaf blower when the client isn't home

If you sneak into an exercise class because you were on the wait list and it isn't fair cause you never get a bike

If you snicker behind the boss's back

If you don't pay attention in meetings

If you argue with a customer instead of delighting them

If you copy work and pass it off as your own

If you shade the truth a little

If you lobby to preserve the unsustainable status quo

If you network to get, not to give

If you do as little as you can get away with

…then we already know who you are.

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