Making peace with what we cannot know

Unspeakable Unspeakable is Os Guinness’ take on the utter mystery of evil and suffering.  It’s a very sobering read, but emotionally satisfying.  Guinness asks hard questions and somehow makes his peace with not knowing the answers.

Guinness explores three sources of evil and suffering:  our bodies, nature and other human beings. 

I have had countless discussions with people over the question:  "Why do bad things happen to good people?"  I usually remind people of a second question that comes hard on the heels of the first:  "What does it say of us as humans beings that the people who do evil deeds are the very same species as I am?"

While no one can ever penetrate the depths of evil, most of us keeping asking:  "Why me?" (Life is not fair.)  "Where is God?" (Where does the responsibility lie?) and "How can I stand it?"  (How long O Lord?)

4 thoughts on “Making peace with what we cannot know

  1. Satan is the source of all evil … 100 percent of the time. Guinness knows that,and it's clear through his book. The mystery of evil is how it is born out through ourselves, nature and other humans.


  2. i thought u would say satan is THE source of all evil. Evil deeds being not the source but the manifestion of that evil source. Thru manipulation of human nature?I don't know about the resistance of most Christians to blame satan for these things but I hope we can see an opposite truth. All things good come from God.


  3. Why doesn't Guiness discuss another obvious source of evil: Satan?It always strikes me how resistant most Christians are to blame Satan and his crew for evil, when that is precisely what Jesus did 100% of the time.


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