You always get to choose

Fork_in_the_path Choose this day whom you will serve.  You have to choose everyday.  You will serve the Lord, or you will serve yourself.  But you will make a choose.  You’re not a robot. 

From Carol Kent’s book A New Kind of Normal (Thomas Nelson, 2007) here are eight choices you can think about as you celebrate Christmas and ponder the new year:

When Despair tries to take me under … I choose life

When I wonder what God could possibly be thinking … I choose trust

When I desperately want relief from unrelenting reality … I choose perseverance

When I feel oppressed by my disappointment and sorrow … I choose gratitude

When I want to keep my feelings to myself … I choose vulnerability

When nothing goes according to my plan … I choose relinquishment

When I want to point the finger … I choose forgiveness

When I want to give up … I choose purposeful action.

Life is a long haul.  Take courage, my friends.  Choose well.

5 thoughts on “You always get to choose

  1. Don:This is definitely one I want to remember for sure, may have to get this book as well. I am going to share it with some friends like others here mentioned. I should keep this one around for sure!Thanks brother!Russ


  2. Don,I found this blog helpful. I plan to carry a copy in my bible. I forwarded it to some believing friends in the feed business. I'm a pretty simple guy (as you know) and this list really brings it home for me. I want to chose well. Thanks!Kevin


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