The Truth Comes Out

The_truth_comes_out I read Nancy Heche’s The truth comes out (Regal 2006) the week before the whole ordeal about Ted Haggard broke in the news. 

Heche tells the story of her own husband who died of AIDS in 1983.  For more than two decades Don Heche had lived a double life.  Until three weeks before he died in a New York City hospital, his wife of 25 years was totally clueless.

Don and Nancy Heche were committed Christians and the parents of 5 children still at home when Don Heche died.  After he died, Nancy’s life basically fell apart in part because she made some very bad decisions, all the while claiming she was a committed Christian.  The book chronicles her journey back to faith and how she learned to love the people in Gay and Lesbian communities.

After reading the Heche book, and then reading lots of stories about Ted Haggard’s fall, I started wondering about Haggard’s own background.  Where was he raised?  What was his family life like?  Heche argues in her book that while the sins her husband committed can never be excused, it’s not fair to judge a person until you have really heard his story.  I agree and can highly recommend Heche’s book.

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