Riding along with Philip Yancey

Difference This is well-known evangelical writer Philip Yancey’s newest book and probably the 12th or 13th book I’ve read by him.  It might be the most sobering.  Even so, I have ridden alongside Yancey for a long time, and I feel safe with him as he traverses the world on his theological quest.

We share some similarities.  We are full of questions, especially about prayer.  Yancey writes very much as a pilgrim, not an expert.  He has many of the same questions you may have about prayer.  Is God listening?  Why should God care about me?  If God knows everything, what the point of prayer? 

I read the entire book this past weekend.  It’s 330 pages.  Beware if you choose to read it, and I do recommend it.  Yancey has talked with hundreds of people who have not had their prayers answered, and he reflects about that in his musings.  He includes many letters from those very people.  The whole book kind of got me in a deep theological funk for a while.  Yancey might say, "Dude, you get it.  That was my intent."

At least read some of the reviews and see what you think.  Yancey always errors on the side of honesty and he hates pretense.  I like that about him.  And he’s without doubt one of the finest Christian writers on the scene.  He can really turn a phrase.

3 thoughts on “Riding along with Philip Yancey

  1. I agree 100% Don. Yancey's journey has encouraged me time and time again. He's not afraid to ask hard questions about suffering and faith. I think people, both followers of Christ and inquirers alike, are tired of Christians who give the impression that walking with Christ is simple. "The Bible says it and I believe it, period" just doesn't apply much to me or many of my friends. Salvation is to be worked out with fear and trembling and Yancey continues to help us do this.


  2. I want to read this.Interesting reviews on Amazon. And the cover art — nice.Don, did I mention my birthday is in two weeks? Let me know if you need my mailing address…


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