Sexual addiction, brokenness and moving toward hope!

So many men struggle with pornography addiction, and sexual brokenness, and increasingly, women, too. Of course, pornography is ubiquitous.  So often many young men and women choose pornography, often unwittingly.  Sadly, it’s generally not long before it then chooses them.  The pain, confusion and brokenness that follows is obvious and getting worse. That’s why the ministry of Covenant Eyes is so valuable to thousands of people.

Here are 2 ministries I admire. With these ministries, the Kingdom of Light is pushing back against the kingdom of darkness.

** One is an excellent ministry addressing men’s struggles. Called 180 Recovery, it is an arm of Vineyard Columbus Church in Columbus, OH. John Doyel directs this ministry. He is a long-time pastor whose own sexual addiction finally brought down his ministry and nearly ended his marriage and his relationship with his children.  Now nearly 15 years into his recovery, still married to his wife of many years and loved by his children, Doyel gets recovery!

His daily encouragement devotions which now are distributed to men around the world are the best I have seen.  In a word, they are superb! In terms of understanding sexual recovery anchored in the Scriptures, Doyel gets it. He gets temptation. He gets forgiveness.  He gets staying in the fight.

He is transparent about his own life. He is an excellent writer and, as I indicate, an exceptional and insightful student of Scripture. Please take a look at a few of his devotions. You’ll see what I mean.

Moreover, I have spoken with Doyel on the phone and we have corresponded many times via email.  He is warm, friendly, humble. He values keeping a confidence.  You can email him. He told me he welcomes it: He can coach you, help you, challenge you. And he will love you and show you the way forward!  When he says to you, “I can only imagine what you are going through,” well, he can!

** An equally excellent ministry, geared more toward young women, is Beggar’s Daughter. Founder Jessica Harris is sassy, transparent, smart, and an excellent writer and communicator.  She has a gripping and powerful story. Harris understands the power of the Gospel in her own life, and her explanations of sexual brokenness and recovery are Biblically sound, deeply thoughtful and very challenging. She is frank, opinionated and humble — all rolled up together.  This makes her essays especially poignant.

In fact, International speaker, author and long-time Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) staff member Josh McDowell says of Harris:

Jessica openly shares her journey from addiction to redemption and how God can make something beautiful out of extreme darkness. In a culture where sexting, pornography, and immorality are trending, she has a relevant message of freedom and grace and a powerful message of encouragement.

I highly recommend both of these ministries, especially their regular, devotional updates. Simply, these are two of the best ministries addressing pornography, sexual brokenness and how to move toward hope and recovery that I have encountered.

Thank you John Doyel and Jessica Harris for your vital ministries!


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