Who do you belong to?

Writer Henri Nouwen says the essential question of the Christian life is this:

Who do you belong to?

One of my teachers and mentors John Piippo answers that question like this:

I am my beloved and He is mine.  I belong to God.”

Piippo then explains, “I do not belong to other people and what they think of me.  I do not belong to my clothes or car or home or yard or material things. Things do not define me.  I am defined by God and what God thinks of me. I am somebody because God considers me somebody. I am made in God’s image, and Christ, the hope of glory, indwells me. Therefore, I am significant.”

To that I can only say, “Amen, and Amen.”

As I go about this day, I will ask myself, “In what do I truly find my security?”

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