The spiritual discipline of being content to be hidden

People often talk with me about spiritual disciplines.  Which ones are the best ones to practice, they ask?  “Hmm…, I say. There are so many.”

In fact, just this morning my friend John Stanford, a retired physics professor from Iowa State University in Ames, IA, wrote about a spiritual discipline that I suggest more of us might want to try and embrace.

We want to serve Christ with humility. We don’t want to be proud because that can lead to that terrible trait of arrogance, so awful to see in a person (or angel, for example, satan).
But when our ideas or efforts seem not to be noticed or appreciated, we are tempted to feel resentment that can smolder and break out into unhealthy, destructive patterns which affect our relationships with others.
When we feel this temptation to resentment we can grow instead into healthy patterns through the spiritual discipline of being content to be hidden.
Lord, give me grace to be content to be hidden, unnoticed. To do my work for your honor, not mine. Amen”

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